air bagging


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like to build a custom over the winter. thinking clean, big paint job, big wheels ,big tires,stainless,chrome,billet,no roof, IWOULD LIKE TO AIR BAG IT. i want to turn the key on and the cart go from slammed on the ground to ride hieght,and when i turn the key off i want the cart to go from ride hieght to slammed on the ground simple? i see some out there,but can any one tell me what the best air bags to buy. do i use 4? whats a good size bag? do you suggest a air tank or a small compressor,is there any pictures out there so i can see how others have done it? please looking to do it right i would like the money to be spent right. if anyone has done a project like this please any info would be helpful mike bcgc


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always use a tank, you never want to try and fill bags with a compressor.
you need a compressor and a tank, and at least 2 valves, 3/8"s would suffice, maybe even 1/4" if you use 4 valves
you will need to fabricate link bars, cant use leaf springs and air ride, and you cant just bolt the bag to the axle and frame,

4 6" bags would work, although that is optimal i have seen setups where only 2 bags are used
id recommend slam specialties re-6s
you need switches, air valves are momentary so to hook it up to your key would burn out the solenoids in a few seconds


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i dont have any, i jsut got my cart,
my truck has airride in the front, rear is coming soon,
so i know plenty about air and suspensions