Air bag Clubman DS drop to the ground


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I have a Clubman DS 95 + and would like to modify including air bags to lay it on the ground. Can you steer me to kits, forums or websites that have diy help. I also want fast torque elec motor upgrade.
My CC is pretty conservative and I want to shake things up. Thanks in advance for your help.


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Not aware of anything out there in kit. You'll have to do it on your own. Not a lot of room for bags. We did one years ago and basically made a front and rear swing arm with bags mid way on arms.
Might do better with air shocks/air springs. Air lift has a ton of stuff and their tech is pretty helpful. :twocents:


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These are bad ass. Used them on our monster cart and the world's longest cart.
Oh, and on our 6 pass cart. Ain't cheap but easy to work with.