after market engine for g2


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found my g2 stock engine bad what engines will work in cart . i see the brigg and straton 18 hp engine used but a little out of price range what other engine can be used just to get around are there many special parts needed to hook them up.
Hey Bigbud, Look for a good used Briggs or Tecumseh or even a Kawasaki. Good used horizontal shaft engines are getting scarce and a bit pricey because most equipment built today went to verticle shaft engines, but still cheaper than new and they can be found, it just takes a lot of scrounging. I find it a little easier, simpler, and cheaper to adapt mower engines, a throttle and choke cable, a battery cable goes to the starter through the start solenoid, one wire to ignition kill, alternator wire goes to battery terminal on ignition switch. I used a fuel tank that when installed, the bottom of the tank is the same height or slightly higher than the carb to make sure fuel gets to the carb whether it has a fuel pump or not. The only other problem is you would have to find a driver clutch that would fit or adapt the existing one. I figured out a way to adapt verticle shaft engines to my 84 & 89 EZ-HOs because I had the engines on hand plus my older carts are fairly easy to modify to make everything fit, but we won't go there. LOL! Hope this helps a little, good luck. Bob


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Big Bud. (I like that)
Found myself in the same situation at Xmas.
Gatherd up all the gift cards and bought a Honda clone motor 16 hp from overs#& for
308.00 and 2.99 shipping, should be done with header and clutch soon.
that would be the cheapest even a used stock motor is 400.00 but doesent a 23hp sound good 2300.for the kit

good luck


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what would you guys think of a 10 hp gear reduction honda in a yamaha do you feel the yam cluth will fit?