after lifting the cart travels

I have a 07 precedent with a Jakes 6" lift with 23 in tires. Now when I hit a groove in the road the cart will pull on what ever side the groove is on, it does this more with people on the back. I am thinking I may need a stabilizer for the front but I can not find one can someone point me in the right direction.
Also I have had CC come out and program it to go the fastest and I am only going about 19 mph, I want to go faster. I have looked into new motors but I would also have to get a new controler, bigger wires and I do not want to speend a grand. Can I not just change out the rear gears????


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Put some more air in the tires. Run them around 12-15 psi. If that don't work, loosen the tie rods and adjust the rod ends outward a 1/4 turn each at a time until it handles to your liking.
well after inspecting the front end todat I found that my wheel bearing were a little loose, and the drop spidle bearing on my jack's lift is tight but has alot of play in it still, I guess that means a new bushing. But after I got tha impact out and tightened all the front end it's riding alot better.