Advanced EV Golf Cart Review


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Just purchase an Advanced EV golf cart and thought I'd write a quick review. Looks good on the outside but a complete mess underneath, out of site. I spent 30 years in manufacturing, and I can tell you it looks like this must of been the first cart they ever built. Nothing lined up, fasteners left undone.
Contacted the people in Rosenberg and they blamed the dealer. The dealer will not respond.
Purchased this from "Laras Carts" in Conroe, Texas. I live 200 miles away and was told that I had 72 hours to return the cart. The parts were warranted but the labor to replace defected parts I would be charged for.
Rather than use OEM accessories, Laras used cheaper aftermarket parts that had to be trimmed, altered and screwed up to make fit. ADVANCED EV--LARAS CARTS --STAY CLEAR!!!


I tell you they are doing it on purpose to slow down our playing golf! :naughty: You still in Arizona?


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No in California now. Had to spray the weeds if I wait too long they get too big then I have to weed whack and that hurts my back too much


Good it is more fun to banter back and forth when you are in CA. :D I was going to order a 48300-G19 from you but Alltrax said you drop ship and they were unable to give me a time line on production so i found one at Redhawk.