Advanced EV Brand Carts


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LPfromATX, I don't think Advanced EV has been around for 35 years. Based on what I have found the founders of Advanced EV have been in the business for 35 years (at other companies) is my understanding.


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Diode, thanks for the reply. I live in Texas and have two dealers of Advanced EV and ICON EV nearby. Plus, the manufacturer is not that far from me, about 200 miles. The true question that no one can answer, other than time, is how long will these two particular manufacturers be around?
Do you know who gives the best deal on these and if we can order directly from the manufacturer? I was interested in the 4 person enclosed model with the doors. I would be interested if you found pricing better at one versus another place.


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I am in the market for a cart as well. There is a long-time dealer here, who is featuring these carts. He claims they are put together in the Lady Lake/Villages area here in North Central Florida. I had never heard of these things, although I am new to carts. The names EZ GO, Club Car and Yamaha are the three sisters seen everywhere. I drove one of these things and it so much smoother than the "big 3" I tried. and a prettier girl. The price point is also attractive. A real plus to me is that the charger is inside the cart, so you just run a cord. I am quite reluctant though because of the possible impact to resale, reliability, and getting repairs if the dealer folds or retires.