Adding lights, portable trailer lights?

Hello, again!

In my last post, I told you about the purchase of a gas generator 1200 volts that I have on the back end of my cart for emergency power and it works!

I have my charger on the passenger floor and plug the cart into this. I then plug the charger into my generator and I discovered:

1. I CAN charge while using the cart.
2. It charges a bit better if the cart is not being used.

NOW, the community in which I live, just passed an ordinance that we need to have lights, seatbelts, etc. on our carts.

Since I am more creative in finding solutions to specific need as opposed to all of you who can actually wire and do all those things I can't, I am in search of an easy, not so expensive, light system that can be modified to plug into my gas generator or that can be added to an additional separate battery.

1. Is there a complete wiring harness that can be plugged into my generator? If so, brand names would be helpful. Is there a wiring harness that could be modified, say remove the end and add something like a cigarette plug or regular plug in as my generator has both options?

2. I've also seen the magnetic lights you hook up, which I rather like sitting on the top of the back so it is seen from vehicles all around me. But, I would like turn signals, brake lights, and also headlights. (Actually, all this is a requirement in a few weeks)

3. I am not opposed to adding a battery just for a light system.

4. I suppose I'll need some sort of a light switch for the turn signals? A fellow at an auto parts store suggested installing two switches within arms reach, just below seat that could be flipped back and forth for the lights to make them flash as for signaling.

Thanks so much! You have no idea how much I do appreciate your helpfulness. With this being my primary source of transportation, it's very important to me to get it right. I use this cart to go to the post office, my grocery store, and, most importantly, to paint!



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You can go to the local auto parts store and get a fog light kit and some cheap taillights and just run them off from 2 of your batteries, the drain on the batteries won't really be noticeable and it is the easiest and cheapest way to put on lights in my opinion. Even if you have 8v batteries it will work as 12v automotive lights will work up to around 18v. This is how my cart is set up. Just make sure you put an inline fuse on the positive lead and you shouldn't have any problems. Or you could just order a light kit from a golf cart distributer that has the turn signal and brake lights already.