Adding fuse on controller

earl b

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Being new I read a lot of post.I have a Club Car Precedent 48 volt system it has four 12volt batteries and want to change the cables and make a few other changes. But reading in the forum you can fry a controller easy. Can you install a fuse going to the controller to protect it? If so where would you put it and what would the amp be. Also I will be storing the cart this winter for at lease two months. I was thinking about disconnecting the batteries and installing a battery tender on each of the batteries.We loose power several times a month and I don't want to leave the cart on the regulator charger.


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In your case I would charge with tow run sw in tow this powers down controller and most electronics, fuse is good but I do not believe it will help saving controller when connecting batteries. The resistor across the solenoid will help the most with the tow switch in tow.