Adding a Extra 6 Volt Battery On My Golf Cart

99 Ezgo TXT

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Hello all, just got a used 36 volt 99 EZGO TXT Series golf cart. I was thinking about adding a extra 7th battery. The golf cart runs fine but I want to get a little more power from the motor. I upgraded all high amp wires to 4 gauge but everything else is stock. After doing some research I found how so many people have switched to 48 volts by changing controller, forward and reverse switch, and solenoid. That's fine if you want to get an extra 30 percent power increase, but a 10 percent increase would be fine for me. I wouldn't need a different battery charger because I would charge 6 of my batteries with my present charger and charge the one 6v with another charger. My question is this: do I need to change the stock controller, solenoid and forward and reverse switch if I just add one battery to my cart. I can see the necessity to change all of these components going to 48v but it seems that an extra 6 volts might not need them. I need advice from anyone who has tried this conversion or knows of anyone who has done it. Sorry for the newbie question but I hope to find the answers here.


I know guys who have added a extra 6 volt battery without any trouble but also have seen guys blow the stock 36 volt controller by doing it. I wouldn't do it to my cart but that doesn't mean it won't work for you.
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Glen Batchelor

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I would not recommend doing that to the Curtis controller unless you have a spare. If it's an Alltrax 300 or 400 DCX then go for it. As long as your motor is OK with it it won't hurt the Alltrax. I'm going to be playing with some voltage boosting myself in the near future on my DCX400.