Added Oil To My Club Car And Now It's Blowing Smoke


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I have a 93 Club Car, changed the oil played 3 holes checked the oil barely on the dip stick, added more oil, started blowing white smoke out of the back, runs ok. Did I mess up the head, rings...ETC? What steps do I take to fix this?


Do you see any leaks? Did you over fill it with oil? If not I'd do a compression test for starters.

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Sounds like you over filled it. One other thing, Are you lifted? Sometimes if your lifted the oil is full when it shows low. Any extra oil and it can sometimes come up into the valve cover faster than it can drain and go into the vent tube back to the carb and blow oil into the intake of the carb causing white smoke. But this usually only happens at higher rpms. Over 4200. Had my FE350 doing this when I rebuilt it. FOund out my oil level was to high. Go figure.