Add Extra Batteries for Battery Boost


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I have a 1981 36 volt Club Car. I am going to install # 4 gauge cables and would like to put a couple of extra batteries in the back, with a booster switch. Do I use two 6 volt or two 12 volt batteries?


48 volts would be about the maximum on that cart without doing some upgrades so 2 6 volt batteries would work the best. You better make sure the rest of the carts electronics are up to par.


Are you talking about using the 2 12 volt batteries in parallel for 12 volts of boost? It would be the same 48 volts total with the 6 or the 12 volt batteries if you are. On the other hand 60 volts would be hard on the cart without major upgrades. I would stick with 48 volts total.