Accelerator Adjustment


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Can someone please tell me what needs adjustment? My cart 2001 Club Car DS gas, will not run at slow speed. When I press on the accelerator she starts fine but runs too fast too soon! I keep tapping the accelerator on and off to make the cart go slow! Help!!!


Did you check to see if the butterfly is still in the carburetor like we talked about in your other thread about this problem? It would probably be best to keep the posts about this in one thread so we're not jumping back and forth. :hattip:


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Presuming that as you are taking off you are only depressing the throttle just enough to get it moving - as you continue to depress the throttle farther, does it speed up comparatively? When it is full throttle, is it like way-way too fast? Or is the cart the same speed regardless how far the throttle is depressed?


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When I depress the throttle just enough to start and get moving the cart moves at a greater speed than just nearly moving. The speed works properly as the throttle is depressed at medium speed and full throttle. Seems like something needs to be adjusted at low end. I will take pics Diode requested tomorrow of carburetor and linkage.