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New to fourm and to the world of carts. Was Googling for info. and parts and found this site. Have tried to use other fourms but they where not muchh help, so thought i would join and check in here. If you don't mind i would like to get some feed back on my ideals they may not be any where near right.

Trying to plan ahead, i have 2004 CC Precedent gas getting close to buying 6"
lift kit. A couple of questions i have is, this cart is for pavemant and grass mostly which type of lift will give me the best ride.( 4 passenger cart) Secondly do people ever run taller tire 23x10x12 on the back and 20x10x10 on the front,can this cause any problems if done. And last how about running differ offsets front to back so you don't need the spacer kits. I have the clutch ready to ship to Tom plan to machine, install spring and get timing key have no plans to big block this. maybe shave head later on.
Haven't seen a lot of talk about this and didn't know how it would look or perform. I kind of like the raked look in front and the wider stance in the back. Kind of stuck in the pass i guess.

All input will be useful
Thanks for your input


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unless you go with some sort of long travel lift kit i dont think you will see much difference in the ride. the tires you choose will have a impact though.


welcome to the forum...i used a 6" super sport lift from Allsports Mfg and it changed the way mine rides for the better considerably. i have 91 ds club car i don't have a back seat though.... tire selection makes a big difference on ride as well some are way more rigid than others. as for 23's in the back and 20's in the front i personally haven't seen anyone do that it only ends up being an 1 1/2 difference in size when finised so i don't think it should really effect anything that much go for it if it doesn't work out you can always change it for a few dollars......


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i think most people dont do that cause theres not matching 12 and 10 wheels

for lifted carts 10" thes a 20",22"24 and up tires

for 12" 23" and up mow there is a serra king tire from gate way that sayss 22/11/12 but its taller and narrower than the 23/10.5/12 all trail from ITP