A hobby turns into an obsession


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Hello everyone. I was told about this forum by someone at another forum that I visit occasionally.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of my ride. You can see more pictures of the transformation at My Webpage

The cart is a 2002 with an EMP 2 speed motor, a CD player, 12V accessory battery and some other goodies.

By the way, I did not copy Gorno's cart. At least not intentionally. Also, this site is much easier to post picture and site links than the other guys' site.




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Great cart!!! Gotta love that color!

Great pictoral on your site too. So, the EMP 2 speed is really that good? 21 mph on regular diameter tires is great! Is that motor rated for 48v?


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Hi Gorno. 21 mph is my best estimate with a stopwatch on the most level street I have in my neighborhood. EMP claims that the motor is good for 23mph with stock tires. I don't think mine is running at 23, but 21 is still pretty impressive.

I don't know if it's safe to run an EMP motor at 48 volts. Give them a call at 1-877-455-1599.


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I got the wheels and tires from a seller on eBay called "rockytopcarts". I was very impressed with their low prices and speedy delivery. My set was only $295.00 plus $39 shipping. They also have some really cool 12" wheel/tire combos for around $400 - $500.

Here's the link to their eBay store:

Rocky Top Carts

Thank you for the compliments,
I bought my wheels from Rocky Top as well off thier ebay page. I had them within a week of Buy-it-now, mounted, inflated w/lugs & center caps.