a few harley parts

Don B.

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I don't have the model # in front of me but I have a skeleton of a Harley 3 wheel electric here; no motor or rear end but frame (could use some TLC) main rails good; but battery box etc could use "help"; steering wheel 3 wheel electric model; body is rough but fixable if you know how to work with resin and mat; I've seen worse fixed; pedals brake cable (IDK how "free" it is) looks like the wiring harness is good, not all cut up anyway.
I got it for the front fenders and nose cone that I need for my 73.
CHEAP; but the scrapper is getting it soon if no takers. I have a few minor pcs for my gasHarley that I still need; may trade.
Blast and paint this frame and then transfer your stuff over maybe? I'm ~50 mi south of Chicago. I have the steering mechanisms but am debating hanging onto those goodies at least til I verify condition of same parts on my project......

Don B.

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well upon dismantling I have decided to send the body to the garbage man, let my son have at it w/a sawzall as it would take alot to make whole again; I did save all the rubber strips and metal bracing though. I have it down to a bare frame, I have the steering mechanism off, though the front "yoke" is still with the frame..... It's scattered among my garage floor, speak up soon. I need my workspace back to be able to work on my original project Harley.


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hi' don. old cart fart here, you still working on getting that h-d going? I have a 4 wheel h-d that is going in the same direction here real soon. what kind of parts you need for that buggie of yours? I might have them on this junker it has no motor or rear swing arm decent frame steering gear box, gas tanf iffy no front spindles but the rest of it is there. body ya could be used but will need fixed. let me know what you need . heck let me know if you want it L.O.L. . take care, o.c.f.

Don B.

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I haven't been working that hard at it lately on my cart; i'm back in school full time.
this is a parts cart that I got, about all that was usable to me on it was the front clip, and even it needs fiberglass help though not as bad as what I currently have. This spare frame has teh front yoke, the rear swing arm and some of the other stuff that yours is missing; but no motor rear end etc....
If I could find a better body yeah I would be interested.
As far as the engine goes, I am missing that donut gasket for the air filter to the carb, and I believe there is supposed to be some sort of bracket that holds the cable conduits (throttle and choke cables) in place but what I really need is another cart to see for reference or at least some good pictures.

I know the engine does run. it just didn't run backwards because the starter gen had 2 fried field coils (thats fixed) and the carb wasn't "bolted down" had to feed it oil/gas mix from a Windex bottle. Now that I have all the gaskets to mount (and seal) the reed plate carb and such, I can try to run it on its own.

School is snowballing at the moment, finals in 2 weeks seems the teachers waited to give us all our projects at the very end instead of spreading them out throught the term; will be at least that long before I can do much with this cart.

I do however plan on running by the scrapyard well before that to get this extra frame out of my way....
speaking of school I gotta run gotta be in Joliet by Noon.