99 ez-go dcs controller problem


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Hey, I am new in the forum and hoping to get some help with a problem...'99 ez-go dcs with a curtis 300 amp controller. The controller popped and so i bought a new programmable ALLTRAX 400 amp controller and just installed it along with a new heavy-duty solenoid and new fuse and when I go to put the hot wire back on the battery, it arcs really bad and I am afraid to leave it on the post in fear of popping a new controller! Any suggestions? Is this normal? Thanks


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Make sure the run/tow switch is in the tow position.
I've seen others post about this same thing. From what I've seen this is normal on a DCS cart with the Alltrax but if it were me I'd call Alltrax and ask them before I went any further. Maybe someone else will give some input on this.