99 Club Car loses power going uphill


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I saw a couple other threads that seemed to address this problem. Having trouble finding them. In both threads, the same person responded saying a new solenoid was likely needed. A new solenoid didn't change the behavior. The cart gets very jerky going uphill. The voltage across the batteries drops below 40V, as specified in the other threads, indicating replacing the solenoid might fix it.

Could this also be an indication it's time for new batteries?

We have a slightly older Club Car that we just put new batteries in this year. The old batteries on that cart just wouldn't hold a charge very long before I decided to replace the old batteries in that cart. This 'losing power' issue didn't happen on that cart.


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It goes below 40V when I floor it. If I'm going uphill at all, it chatters like the solenoid is cutting in and out. Time for new batteries?

It does this with fully charged batteries.

As I said in my initial post, our other cart doesn't do this at all. When the batteries died, it just stopped running.


There may be your problem. Sealed AGM batteries are not ideal for golf carts. Deep cycle batteries designed for boats and cars do not provide the discharge amperage under load that FLA batteries do.

Also, do not use 12 volt batteries. Use 6- eight volt batteries for better performance and longevity. It will require some modifications to the battery tray depending on your model, but is worth the effort.

Better yet, convert to a lithium pack. It will not require any tray modifications with many of them.