98 Ezgo series


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I have a 98 Ezgo 36v that will not move. The f&r board is below the seat. The solonoid clicks each time the pedal is pressed. I jacked it up and jumped the solonoid and still nothing. The reverse buzzer works. Any help would be great!


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May be a bad cable connection or low voltage.
Check all of your cables by pulling on them.
Make sure your cables are clean and tight.
Post your individual battery voltages and total pack voltage.


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The connections are good and clean. The pack voltage is 38.5, Individuals are:
6.2,6.3,6.1,6.3,6.0,6.2- I put my load tester on them and all of them showed less than 6 volts without a load. I added a load and they dropped into the weak zone. I figured it would still roll a little with it jacked up, but nothing. So right now I'm individually charging the batteries.
How do I check to see if the controller is working? It is a stock controller/stock car
Also, can you explain to me how to test the motor by using jumpers?