98? (6 batteries) - just stopped


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Great site! Played 27 yesterday and powerwashed the cart after the round. Charged all night. Got in this morning and ran fine for about 100 yds to first tee box. Got back in and pressed the peddle and it started to make a weird sound. The sound is almost like a slip of the transmission. I can feel the motor turn, but I dont go anywhere.
Pushed back to the garage and started to investigate (not really sure what I was investigating, but I jacked it up anyway).
Once on stands I pressed the peddle and I could get the right tire to spin (although not very fast). The driverside tire would not budge. I then took the wheel off of the driver side and thought that the brake might be stuck. I banged on the drum a couple of times to loosen up the brake. That didnt really do anything other then to make the left tire run a bit but the right one now wouldnt go.
I checked the batteries and there is a little corrosion on the terminals. I will wire brush that off tonight.

My question -
The batteries are a little old and need to be replaced soon but would the cart just stop like that because of the batteries being low (even after a full charge the night before) or a little corrosion build up? Could the powerwash sped the corrosion up?

Thanks in advance!


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The power wash won't speed up the corrosion, however, the corrosion could have been keeping the battery terminals together. Washing the cart could have broken it loose, which is keeping it from getting a good connection.


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How agressive were you with the power washer? The OBC cannot take a direct stream of water, let alone high pressure from a power washer. Let the cart dry out for a few days and see how that goes.


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Thanks for the replies!
It appears that the corrosion was a little worse then I thought. As I was cleaning one of the terminals the cable from that terminal became detached from it's connector. I think that the corrosion was holding it together. Putting a new connector on it today.
Chalk this one up as a learning experience.
Just for knowledge - What is the OBC (the controller?)

Thanks again!