97 DS Electric - just bought it, does my OBC work?


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Hey all,

This is very cool! I was hoping to find a forum like this to get involved in. I don't have much of a background working on carts, but I am hoping to learn. I just bought a 1997 DS Electric that is in great shape. I bought it from an older couple who didn't know anything about it and how it worked.

So I am charging it using Powerdrive charger that looks like the original from Club Car. What I was curious about is if there is a way to tell if my on board computer is running and working properly. Again, since I am new to this, I am not 100% sure what I am doing. But from my understanding, I plug it in and the OBC will automatically turn off the charger when the batteries are full. Each time I plug it in though, the battery gauge on the cart will go past full and the charger will still run. I guess my main concern is overcharging and that I can do some damage to the batteries.

I am still waiting on my manual to show up, and I am sure that will help, but I figured I would try here as well. Thanks for any help!



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Hang in there, someone will respond with help/advice.


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If the charger comes on, then the computer is working. The computer will not shut off the charge if you have a bad battery. The charge indicater will go to full everytime you plug it in, but if the batts have a close to full charge, the meter will move down pretty quickly. Make sure all the batts are full of water and all conections are clean and tight.

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Thanks for the response.....from the sound of it I think either my gauge is off or I am just paranoid. It's weird to buy something like this and not have any sort of reference information for some of these basic questions. I will plug it in and let it go. The batteries are all full, but good idea on checking the connections. That could be an issue too.

Thanks again for the help!


After you have run the cart, even if for only a few yards, when you re-connect the charger cable DC to the cart the charger should switch on and the meter needle should show between 15 - 20 ampres. After a few seconds the charger will switch off momentarily then switch on again. This off, on procedure is the OBC checking for the top up charge required. The charger should switch off automatically when the batteries have received their full charge.The system is designed to switch off automatically after 16 hours if you have problem batteries. If it does not switch off you could have a faulty relay in the charger. Always connect the AC before the DC and disconnect the DC before the AC.