97 CC D/S


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Ok, I been playing. I unplugged the 3 wire harness at motor,instead of cutting the green wire.Doing this also got rid of the regene, now we can coast.But what would difference be if i hooked back up and cut green wire? left controller hooked up?
next question,
I have heard about replacing the magnets that send rpm signal to controller to make it lie about how fast the motor is turning. doing this is supposed to give you 7 or 8 more mph? Has anyone done this and what was results? Thanks in advance.


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you have 3 wires red, black and green red + 5-20vdc black ground and green signal or pulses @ 5vdc so leaving power hooked up is going to help how? ? Yes IQ carts can gain speed with the magnets but they can not be disconnected like yours so that means iq's sense while running and yours does not.


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Yes I agree, What works on some does not on others. Seems like the older the cart the more you can do with them to juice up with just a little tweeking.