97-05 DS 48V Powerdrive (series motor)


The following is a method of checking the operation of the potentiometer, either sweep-arm, continuosly variable or MCOR on DS cars with a lever arm Fwd/Rev switch and a silver coloured speed controller with 3 large bolt-on terminals and 3 small slide-on terminals.
Disconnect the positive lead on #1 Battery and discharge the capacitor by moving Fwd/Rev lever to Rev. wait for buzzer to run down. Return lever to neutral. Disconnect the green and yellow wires connected to terminals 2 and 3 (slide on) on the Controller. Take a multi-meter set to 20k ohms resistance and place probes across the disconnected wires. The reading should be +- 5 - 5.6k ohms with lever in either neutral or Fwd. Move lever to Rev. reading should double to +- 11k ohms. The half speed reverse resistor is working ok. Return lever to Fwd.
Take a voltage reading across the whole battery pack, if fully charged should be +- 50.8v
Take a jumper lead from the disconnected green wire to #1 battery positive terminal. With a multimeter set to 200vDC place the red probe at the point where the green wire joins the jumper lead and the black probe on large bolt-on terminal B- on controller. Voltage should be Battery pack voltage +-50.8v. Now place the multimeter red probe on the disconnected yellow wire (leave the jumper in place on the green wire) and the black probe on Terminal B- of the controller. Voltage should be 0v. Press the accelerator and the voltage should rise progressively to battery voltage +-50.8v.
Remove jumper and reconnect green to terminal 2 , yellow to terminal 3 and battery #1 Positive terminal. If you have a car that jerks, stutters or does not get to top speed this test could highlight a pot. problem. Hope its helpfull. Now I am going fishing for 9 days