96club cart


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Hi all, I have a 96 cc series 48v, cart sat up since 97 til i got it from family barn, (cart will not run) batteries bad, i used 4- 12v out of my other cart, just to test the cart. This is what i found, solenoid was bad,replaced it ,cleaned all termenals,got 50+volts at ign:sw:,micro sw:at accel:pedal,50+volts at micro sw:eek:n forward/rev unit,same at hot side of lrg:termenal on sol;and on the hot side small termenal,the lrg;sol;termenal that goes to the controller is hot (but when the ign;sw;is on and you press the accelerator& the volts start to drop from 50+volts to 0 and if i jump the hot small sol;termenal to the lrg;termenal going to the controller the car runs and accelerator good. Also if i don't jump the solenoid with the switch is on and press the accelerator it will start and stop and you can wait a second and it will do the same. any help would be great and thanks in advance Ron