96 Yamaha G16 Problem After Replacing Piston and Rings


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Hello everyone. I have searched the other posts, but I do not believe any of them may help me.

My father-in-law has a 1996 Yamaha G16 Gas powered cart. This week we took the engine apart and replaced the piston and rings because he was burning a lot of oil. We put the motor back together and reset the valves. The problem is that the motor will run great, but if you push the gas pedal all the way down, it will increase speed for a few seconds and then just start slowing down since replacing the piston and rings. We have replaced the spark plug, checked the fuel filter, and even taken the carb. apart and cleaned out all the holes and then blew them down with air.

Unfortunately, none of this has resolved the problem. We have wondered if this is an issue with a governor or rev limiter. However, we have not had this problem before. If anyone has any suggestions all ideas would be greatly appreciated.