96 DCS Surging Question...?


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My neighbor at the campground has a 96 dcs cart. It wouldn't move this spring.
The batteries were junk and he replaced them with new batteries.
Turns out the controller took a dump... I sent it in to have it rebuilt and it came back and it worked great for a week.
Then the cart stuttered and stoped. Tested everything and the only thing I could figure was the controller was bad.

It would not output any voltage to the ITS.

Sent it in under warranty and got it back and took it for a spin tonight. It seemed to working fine but when running on the road it seemed like the peddle was over half way down and I could feel the cart surging while maintaining my foot position.

I parked it before I wrecked the controller or something.

What should I check next?
I am at a loss.


Rebuilt controllers are usually nothing but trouble. You can test the ITS to make sure its working properly. If that checks out ok I'd say it's the controller.

To test the ITS jack the rear of the cart up and put it on jack stands. With the key on and the cart in either forward or reverse put the ground of your meter on the battery pack negative, slowly push the accelerator and on the small black wire at controller you should have 13-15 volts at activation, on small white wire you should have .5 volts at activation to 1.5 volts at full throttle. Test the black wire with it plugged in and unplugged.