96 Club Car Wiring Diagram


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I am having a problem finding a wiring diagram for this 96 Club Car Power Drive Plus. Need especially the run tow switch connections


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Since you have a Tow/Run switch, here is a wiring diagram for a 48 volt Regen Club Car:


Hopefully, this is what you are looking for.


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If you have a Gen I Regen controller you will not have a tow/run switch per say. The tow/run feature is built into the on off key switch. The wiring for this controller (Gen I) is different
than the one pictured. If your regen soleniod is wired without the resistor coil directly mounted on it (separate wires going to the coils) and if the controller main heavy wires are located around
the perimeter not on one end (like pictured) then you have a Gen I system.

Hope this helps.
(I have a Club Car gen I wiring diagram I can send you)


You can post the Club Car GEN I wiring diagram here if you want or email it to me and I'll put it in the Club Car resource section.