96 Club Car Loose Connection Forward and Reverse Switch


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Hello, we just bought a used Club Car and feel fortunate to have found this Forum a great wealth of info.
We seem to have a loose connection on the forward and reverse switch selector as it sometimes will take a few tries back and forth with the gear selector to finally make contact. We are told that the selector unit is intended to move slightly inside the battery case , that they are designed that way.

While all the wire connections to the selector seem fixed and not coming loose, and look normal, some cables do move or swivel slightly against their holding nuts but presumably this is part of the design to allow the selector unit to move a bit from forward to reverse.
That being the case, how can we try to find any loose wires or connections when the entire unit is supposed to be moveable? Should the wires be moveable on the nuts at the gear selector? Any suggestions re: how to find the loose connection?

Thanks in advance for the reply


Take the golf cart for a short ride then feel the cables on the forward and reverse switch. If any cables on the forward and reverse switch are hot the connection or the contacts inside the switch are bad.
As far as having to move the lever on the forward and reverse switch back and forth to get the cart to move is a sign the switch is bad or the micro switch in not always opening and closing enough to make a connection.