96 club car gas hard to start


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I have a 96 club car gas that seems to turn over OK but will not start, hook up the battery charger and it starts up right away. You now can start it up without battery charger until you let it sit and cool off and then back to same problem. Thanks in advance, allis


It could be the battery, bad connection or a starter problem. Start with testing the battery and check your cable connections.


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I have a '93 CC gasser that seems to not start quite right. If you press on the accelerator, the starting motor whines (seems like belt is slipping). If I release, then re-press the accelerator, then it will fire and go. Sometimes, when it fires, it BackFires!. Then it goes. This scenario is getting to be very common.

I haven't actually checked the belt (it was new not long ago), so it could have stretched a bit. But if there is something else I should check, let me know.