96 Club Car Gas Electrical Problems


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Hopefully someone out there can help, I'm stumped.
I have a 96 Club Car gas golf cart with original engine (Kawasaki) and have a deffinant electrical problem, when I depress the pedal I get nothing however when I bridge the solenoid it starts and runs fine. Played with the solenoid a little this morning and it ran fine for a short cruise, but went back out an hour later and nothing again. Went out today ( to a golf cart dealership) and got a new solenoid (correct one), put it in and nothing. Thought maybe I installed it backwards, reversed it and nothing, but still runs fine when bridging the new solenoid. I looked at the wiring diagram in one of the past posts (96 wiring diagram, which was VERY helpful) and everything is correctly hooked up. In a past post someone said it might be a micro switch gone bad, but which one? I have four switches, two in the box on the cam, and two on the gear selector. Is there any way to isolate which switch it might be? Is there a way to bypass a switch temporarily to see if it is a switch? All of the fuses are good, and have electric to all other accesories. New to the cart world but know my way around engines and this is for sure in the electrical system. Any info would be greatly appreciated.