96 Club Car FE290 Clutch Puller


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Hello....Newbie here. I did a search about clutches and read all I could find on here and I need more help. I have a 1996 Club Car with a FE290 engine. I have the engine out on the bench. I made a puller for the clutch but when I pulled it only the spring housing came off. Then I was able to remove a snap ring and the outer half of the clutch came off, then a spacer and then a bearing. I still have the inner half of the drive pulley and the starter belt pulley on the crankshaft. I don't see any set screws. There are 3 bolts between the starter belt pulley and the crank housing that screw into the inner half of the drive pulley and I loosened them but no help. How do you get the remainder of the drive pulley off the engine crank? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Not sure if same or similar to older model "87 Club Car gasser, but to remove the drive clutch I went to a specialty bolt shop (Fastenal) and purchased a 9/16" X 2" standard bolt,(12 threads to the inch) that fits the threaded inside portion of that clutch shaft, then measured with a pencil the the depth from end of the shaft to where the end of the motor shaft was,(bout 3" if I remember), cut a piece of 7/16' rod, shoved it in the hole threaded the 9/16 bolt in there about 1/2 way, approx.1 inch, then began to tighten the bolt. When you get you get pretty good pressure on in it, tap with soft hammer or block of wood and the clutch assembly will usually break away from the tapered shaft. Works for me.. Alternately, you can purchase from one of the specialty houses a special tool for $30/$40 bucks the proper tool to do this.. Note, I mention the 9/16 X2 bolt form specialty house only because this is size that fits my clutch assm. LAJim