96 club car electric 48v


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I had charging problems last year. It was taken to a dealer for a new computer.
The back up alarm does not work now and there is a yellow light on dash that comes on at the strangest times.

How do I locate the horn?

What does this light indicate?

There is an orange wire that comes up to the reverse switch but connects to nothing, could this be the horn wire.



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Did you take the cart to the dealer or someone else?
The light is a low battery warning known to be troublesome and part of the new OBC that was installed.
The horn you are referring to is it the back up alarm? If so it is probably behind the dash and yes I think is an orange wire.
Is this a series cart or regen?


If there is an orange wire (loose) at the fwd/reverse switch you appear to have a series cart and this wire attaches to the middle micro switch which also has a red/white wire.
The reverse buzzer is behind the dash and has the orange wire attached to one terminal and the other terminal has a red wire that goes to the battery side large post of the solenoid.The red/white wire from the micro switch goes to the B- terminal of the Controller.
If the car is a regen then the orange wire can only go to the reverse buzzer as the other end goes straight to the Controller multi plug.
Dash Light- If this light comes on intermittently whilst driving or when stopped with the DC charger plug UNPLUGGED, it indicates total open circuit battery voltage below 48v which means you probably have a dud battery or a battery with a dead cell.
Hope u come rite


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You guys are the best. I realized that the centre microswitch was missing a spade.
The orange wire hooked up there.
$3.00 later, new microswitch from the dealer and it works a charm.

Where can one order the service manual (book or disc)?

Thanks, again.


Glad to hear you got it fixed.

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