96 Club Car DS Electric Plum Quick Rebuild Issue, No Reverse, No Customer Support

I need help finishing my motor upgrade install:
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My cart is an electric 1996 Club Car DS 48V. It ran fine when I started this project, it was just too slow to keep up with my friends. We live on an island which recently obtained golf cart community status.

I bought the whole set; motor, HD switch, 2 gauge wires, solenoid, and 700 amp controller. I overpaid but assumed (yes, I'm an ass) I would get support from Plum Quick - I should have done my due diligence here first and I would have skipped this costly mistake. I did receive the attached switch diagram from Robby but have not received answers to any of my other questions to him (called and emailed).

Anyway, I have everything installed and when I followed the switch diagram it did not work. I now have the wire from the bottom of the switch attached to A2 and A1 connected to B+ on the controller (like the Club Car wiring diagram). The cart works fine in forward but when I put it in reverse and depress the pedal I hear the solenoid click and the back up alarm, but nothing else happens. I assume it is something small that I have done wrong or there is an issue with a wire somewhere. Could there be something wrong with the reverse micro switch? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Well Robby Steen of Plum Quick Motors is a member here and reads these threads daily so maybe he will comment. there are many good minds here that will be able to help you out if Robby has no interest in supporting his products.
I'm a gas guy so i'm not much help:hattip:


If the solenoid clicks when the golf cart is in reverse the micro switch is working. If the cart is wired correctly it could be a problem with the contacts in the new forward and reverse switch. One of the Club Car guys may have some other ideas on what else could be causing the golf cart to not move in reverse.
The issue was the controller. It took a little time, but Robby Steen & Plumb Quick came through. After we went through my installation and confirmed I installed everything correctly, we tested each component and found the Curtis controller that was sent with the kit was not compatible with my setup. Robby had Alltrax drop ship a controller. Now I have forward & reverse. My cart went from 10-11 mph to 24-25 mph and I haven't changed the batteries yet. Once I established a line of communication, Robby checked in with me regularly and provided good customer service.