95 Gas Club Car-Help Please


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I have a 95 Gas Club Car. For last several weeks & after non-use for a few days, engine turns over great, but won't fire. Most times, it starts and runs great. It's definitely lack of spark. When it's in its "non-starting" fit, I have had "black box" apart, checked both switches, replugged all electronic connectors to no avail. I've hauled it to repair shop twice, only to have it start and run great when I unload it! Needless to say, this is very annoying. A repair buddy of mine has it now and strongly suspects it's the Key Switch, but hasn't removed it to check it. I have my doubts....think if Key Switch is bad, starter wouldn't crank at all. What do you think?
I have an electronics background, but getting too old to take golf cart apart to fix. I think it's a bad connection or a broken wire. Help please!


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i have to agree thats classic ignitor or rpm limitor or both symptons........only problem is theres no way to bench test either one of them....tell your buddy under the carb theres a black box mounted disconnect the brown wire and see if cart runs and stays running.......if not than same place on the backside of the bracket that holds the rpm limitor on there is the ignitor........to eliminate any guess work i always change them in pairs...............