95 EZGO Starts but Runs Very Slow


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This has me puzzled. My 1995 EZGO 4-stroke was working wonderfully until one morning it starts as usual but will barely move (in both reverse and forward). It does move but at a snails pace.

I've replaced fuel filter and cleaned plugs, air filter but no change.

Any help is appreciated. thanks


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FYI Follow-up.....

After much pondering on this mysterious issue the problem was somewhere in the fuel lines/carburetor. I replaced the plugs...still not the problem, and then when ninja with carb cleaner with every fuel line and anything that looked like a fuel line from every angle possible and bingo it did the trick. Works great again.

Still not sure where excatly the problem was, but now I know what to do if it happens again.


Thanks for the follow up...