95 DS Golf Gas Cart Sat for a Year and Someone Jumped it with Connection Backwards


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Thank you everyone for welcoming to the forum.
Key and pedal press did nothing after a family member tried to jump the cart, but, had the wires reversed and of course sparks went everywhere.
Figuring most of the electric components were blown, I have currently replace the Solenoid, voltage regulator and all 4 micro switches.
I now get a subtle click like a micro switch when I step on the pedal, not the clunk you would expect from the Solenoid.
Battery is good and has 12.69 volts with key on and lights on.
If I jump the Solenoid the Motor cranks but does not start.
What else should I check/replace?
Also, I plan or replacing all the wiring, there is at least 12 misc wire splices throughout the old harness.

Any an All advise is greatly appreciated!
Thank you


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Quick update for anyone following the thread...
  • replaced all the wiring with correct color coded wiring.
  • replaced all the microswitches
  • replaced solenoid and voltage regulator
  • drained tank, and found the old gas cap fell apart and was blocking intake tube - fired up, but ran bad.
  • new carb
  • new spark plug
  • oil change
runs like new again, amazing how simplistic the design!
Now on to the Mods! :)