'94 Medalist Upgrades ! Need Opinions/Suggestions


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I posted this elsewhere, and will post here as well :

Hello guys - great forum !!

I have a '94 Medalist that is about to undergo some updating, rather than being traded in towards a newer cart. I have ordered the 5" drop axle lift kit and 22" tire setup. I also ordered a HD spring kit for the rear that I am planning to install at the same time. Everything should be here today and/or tomorrow - in time for the work to happen this weekend.

1. What do I need to know about shocks? I didnt think this would be an issue, but now after some good BU Forum reading, Im concerned that Ill need longer shocks to match the lift. I was planning to change them soon, just not this weekend.... I read the thread about the Monroe/Gabriel shock numbers people are using on these same carts. The same thread mentions that with the HD springs, rear shocks are unecessary - did I misread sarcasm ?

2. Steering issues -- I dont have any troubles at this point, and was planning to buy a stabilizer. After reading the thread that describes the tie-rod fix, in lieu of the stabilizer, Im wondering which is the best fix ? Both ? If they both work equally well, it seems the bolt-on stabilizer would be easiest.

3. HP Increase - What is my best bang for the buck? It seems as though my options are to adjust the govenor; open the air, exhaust and jets; change gearing; change clutch. I see that some people are swapping into Rotax and other engines, but this is too much for me. Are there big bore / stroker kits available? Who builds big engines? I have only found one website selling these, and they want $1550+ for a 14HP HO engine. Suggestions for best all around?? I had spousal approval for the cart trade-in, so I do have a decent budget here.

Thanks to all!
I don't know about the lift & suspension stuff. As long as the motor runs well, I'd say pull the governor, put a tach on it keep it under a safe rpm level and run the hell out of the thing until it quits. Then weigh your options at that time.

What are you using the cart for? If it's just cruising the neighborhood, throw some high speed gears in it. If you plan on doing a bunch of off-roading, you might want to leave the gearing. High speed gears will definitely put a kaibash on the low-end torgue. Just weigh the options for your application.


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The lift kit should come with shock extenders or the brackets should be made to re-use the old shocks. So it really depends on the lift as to what you'll need to do with the shocks.

I would still use shocks in the rear even with the HD springs.

As far as steering issues the stock steering should be fine if its in good shape (no play) up to around 25-30mph. So it really depends on what you have planned for the cart.


I think the best bang for the buck is dropping in a new 23hp Briggs with Alpha Carts motor mount. The engine pretty much make these carts and with a new one your cart would run for another 20 years and have more than twice the hp.