94 ezgo


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I have an EZGO s/n# 822614, mfg code is 02394.
I assume this is a 1994 year, but is it a medalist, marathon, etc.
How do I tell if its PDS or what.
It does NOT have a run/tow switch like my 96 txt dcs.
It has a few electrical problems and I'm trying to figure out what I'm
working with.
The batteries have an extremely fast discharge rate.
Pack voltage after charge is 41.2 volts.
Individual battery readings range from 6.9 to 7.2 volts.
All cables and connections are clean and tight.
No frayed wiring anywhere.
The only thing I can find is the F/R switch ground lug is getting hot.
You can drive this cart. It runs great, then slows way down,
then you hear 2 clicks from the F/R switch area and cart resumes
normal speed for a couple of minutes.
Then the whole senario starts over again.
My batteries are 5 yrs old this year. (mfg code A2304D)
Supplier told me this date code was Jan. 23, 2004.

Thanks in advance!

Almost forgot! When checking voltage from F/R switch ground lug
to solenoid battery side with key off, you can watch fast voltage drop
all the way down to 0 volts. takes about 45 secs.


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Thanks HRC.

Thats exactly what I was thinking.

Now how to know which parts to order. Medalists or marathon.
PDS or non PDS


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PDS carts did not start until 2000. If you have a body that looks similar to the newer TXT plastic carts, you have a Medalist. If not, it is a Marathon. 1994.5 was a model change.