'94 EZ-GO 36V cart. FREE to good home


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Have enjoyed searching thru this site and learned a lot, including the fact that I don't need this cart that was given to me. As a 20+ yr. dragbike racer, the drag carts are awesome and quite tempting, but I just don't need another project at this time.
So, what I know about this cart follows:
Batteries are missing. Battery tray very rusted. All 4 tires dry-rotted. Frts hold air, backs have come off the bead and are destroyed. Frt windshield broken. Steering rack mounting bolts are loose. Seat base wood is rotted away.
Has been sitting out in the weather for a little over a year and is very rough but has not had parts stripped off of it ('cept the batts). Do have the charger also.
Offering this here for free to anyone willing to come to Beech Island, SC, near Augusta GA and pick it up.
PM me for contact info.
Keith LeBlanc


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I'm sure someone will take a free cart off your hands.


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Any takers? Or did someone get me to haul away their pig-n-a-poke?
Don't make me put a bike engine in this thing.