93 gas car

just acquired an ag93 that had been sitting for 3 years. I replaced the battery and had the car serviced. It started
and ran for a day then wouldn't run. The starter is working fine but it will not run. I transported the car to a serviceman who
did the service and told me it ran like a top. He was to deliver the car the next day and it wouldn't start. He replaced
the igniter but no luck. I picked the cart up and transported it home. I started the car and ran it around for a day. Now
it won't run again. Anyone have a problem like this?
The only thing I can think of is... maybe the voltage regulator? Jump it and see if it starts up, if it does put it into neutral and run it while having a volt meter on the battery. Let us know what the batt reads. If it is only to 12v then it needs to be replaced, you need to be around 14v. Just a thought!!


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give your fuel system a good going over a cart that sat for 3 years you might need to take the carb off and go over it also the fuel filters the fuel pump ect,..........................................................