93 ezgo steering problems


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Hello all, this is my first post on here so bear with me. I have a 93 ezgo gas cart that I keep on my dad's farm. Well, last time out there I noticed that the steering doesn't work at all, the wheel seems like it is stripped. I removed the wheel and checked the spline shaft from the steering column to the wheel, and it looks good. I need some advice on what to check next, steering box? The front end component look like they are decent shape, but I can't really check for slop if I can't turn the wheel. Also, the steering had quite a bit of free play in it when we bought it. Thanks in advance.


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its very common for the rack to strip out, pull the box apart and check for wore bushings and most likely replace the rack.


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nubs nailed it! those racks are famous for stripping out, make sure u check the little u-joint inside of the steering shaft, those tend to get very sloppy also.


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I finally pulled the box apart and it looks like the redduction gear is bad. Should I replace the gear at the end of the steering shaft as well? Also, does that reduction gear stay in place with the centering pin, or does it have a clip to hold it in place?