93 EZGO Freedom Basket Case


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first cart first post.
I found my 93 ezgo marathon freedom last jan as a basket case for 200 bucks with charger. It was dented up and the front axle was bent bad so the tire rubbed when turning. the batts were gone the tires were flat and it was love at first sight.

I bit the bullet and got the cosco interstate batteries then found a wiring diagram. and was able to fugure all the connections out and got it to go. Then started to read about the cart on the diff forums and found out the cart is the last gen of the workhorse series. and there are mods that can spice it up a little.

First mod was to throw all the 6g wires away and sacrifice a set of heavy duty 4gauge cables and crimp\solder copper eyes to make new cables. That made a noticeable difference in performance. the cart ran great.

Next was to build a lift for it. i looked at all the lifts for sale and determined the lift for me was the 4in blocks that just space out the leaf springs. im a retired ironworker with mad fab skills and the lift blocks were a cinch to make and now i have the clearance i wanted for the cart as a utv. Then i built a utility bed for it. After using it all summer to work around the property, pulling my thatcher and leaf rake , pulling scotch broom , yanking blackberry bushes it truly is living up to its name as the work horse.

I cant believe i haven't had one of these remarkable little carts until now. My wife loves it for her yard work also and loves the silent power.

So while hauling the trash cans to the road it just stopped. It had solenoid click but wouldn't move. So after trouble shooting the electrical I found all was good so I pulled the motor. When I pulled the brush cover plate I found 2 of the cables had melted loose from the brushes. Well now I'm all in on the upgrades. 400 amp controller. 200 amp solenoid, 8+hp torque monster motor , all from scottyb at carts unlimited. I just completed the install of sol and controller and am breathlessly awaiting the motor to arrive. It shipped sat.

I removed the FnR switch and found it in great shape. i pulled it all apart and cleaned all copper connections and found no melted plastic so i tightened everything back up and will run it for a while till i can get an HD FnR. . My wallet is suffering from whiplash after the last order.

Wow. Long first post. Im glad to join the forum and trade stories about these carts and see what people do to them.

Now Im on the hunt for a neglected gasser to rebuild and repower with a big block. I've built gocarts and minybuggys with cvt drives and am real savy with snowmobile drive trains clutching and the like.

Someone wrote that this is an addiction.......yeah Im hooked.

Ill update when my new beast motor is up and running.

cheers Don


Hi Dan and welcome to the forum. It sounds like you've found yourself a nice old cart.

If your old forward and reverse switch is in good shape I'd would put heavy duty buss bars in it and you basically have a heavy duty forward and reverse switch.
Feel free to post some pictures if your EZGO Freedom and hope to see you around the forum often. :hattip: