93 EZGO Budget Refurb


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Hello Cartaholics, I'm a newbi here.

Anyway, I bought this gem for 3 bills last week from a guy who let it sit out under a tree since last summer. All 4 wheels were flat, but to my surprise when he turned the ignition on without a key and pressed the gas, the rims spun. Its alive and needs some TLC.

After dragging this thing out of the dirt and leaves and hauling it back to my place with some help, the first thing I had to do was pull the batteries out so that it was light enough that I could push (not roll) it off the trailer by myself. Next I bought some used wheels and tires for $80 so that I could roll this thing to a spot where I could power wash all the mud and dirt off, and then roll it into storage.

I'm on a very small budget, any suggestions for fixing this thig up?

I think the batteries will be OK for now. A guy at a local golf cart shop told me that I could find the manufacture date stamped on the battery post. Mine where J7, does that mean October 2007, 1997, or 1987. I'm guessing 2007. The former owner did say he replaced the batteries about a year ago.

I know I have to somehow secure the battery trays. They were very rusty, but I have no welding skills. The guy at the shop said I could try using some strips of metal and fasten them with rivets to help strengthen some of the weak spots. What do you guys think?

I've ordered a few of the plastic body parts; front cowel, fender cap, rocker panels, and rubber molding; because they are scratched up pretty bad or torn. Infact I got some of them today, but UPS must have smashed the box, because the front cowel arrive in 2 pieces.

As for the metal body, its in decent shape except for a spot on the drivers side. Just need to hammer it back in, patch, prime and paint, right?

Any suggestions on keeping the budget low while fixing it up? I'll post some pics if I can figure out an easy way. I wish I didn't have to upload from a URL.


Welcome to the forum...

The batteries are October 2007 like you thought.

The battery trays for a Marathon are still available so you could by new trays. You could make your own out of angle iron but you would need a welder or someone to weld them for you. Depending on how bad the battery trays are you should be able to reinforce them good enough to hold the batteries. Make sure the carts frame isn't rusted in the area of the trays and where the trays are connected to the frame.