93 36 Volt Club Car


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We`re having A problem with our 1993 , 36 volt cart . Initially it went real slow in foreward and reverse and after checking the batteries and connections decided to pull the motor to find the brushes GONE. We took it to our local alternator / starter rebuilder ( VERY good work in the years we`ve been doing buisness with them) and he rebuilt it incl turning the armature down A good amount ( 1/8 " ). It`s all back together and I replaced the F+R switch due to its age, and now it goes foreward but has nothing for reverse. The solenoid doesn`t even click ::
I think top speed is where it should be but seems to not have the oomph it had taking off. There is A possibility although not A strong one, that two wires on the F+R switch might not be correct. Any Ideas? Also does anyone have the schematic showing the F+R switch and where all the wires go. When you shift the F+R switch you can see and hear A SIZZLE
and the reverse cables get Warm so we quickly shifted back to foreward
The serial # is A9348-361914 if that helps.