92 Marathon trouble


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I have a 92 EZGO Marathon that won't move. I've checked the solenoid and it clicks. I think the trouble is either the motor or the controller.
Can I place a jumper cable between B- and M- on the controller thereby bypassing the controller to see if the motor turns? Or is there a better way to test the motor and/or controller?
Thanks on any advice.


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Whats your total battery pack voltage?

Check that ALL your cable connections are clean and tight.

Jump the two large posts on the solenoid and see if the cart runs. They can click but still be bad. It's best to make the final (jumped) connection away from the solenoid.

You can jump B- and M- to bypass the controller. Again it's best to make the final connection away from the controller and raise the rear tires off the ground before jumping the solenoid or controller.


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Well, I finallly got back to the troubled cart and thanks for your prompt reply.
It's a 36 volt cart and the measured voltage 37.5 v.

My troubles were the motor had a bad post and the forward/reverse switch was worn and not making contact.
Replaced the motor and the F/R switch, cart doing great.
Thanks for your info.


Good to hear you got it going. That wasn't a cheap fix by the sounds of it.