92 EZGO Stopeed Running Forward and Reverse Switch Was Hot

I have a 92 EZGO Marathon with 5 inch lift and 22 inch tires, however it still has stock(factory) motor and controller. Yesterday while climbing a hill it smelled like something was getting hot, within minutes i lost reverse but still had forward. later I lost forward also. All batteries check good but i did notice the cable from forward and reverse switch to motor was very hot. When I press gas pedal now all i get is clicking. I am thinking the forward and reverse switch burnt up. advice welcome. help????


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It's more than likely the forward and reverse switch. Take a close look at it where the cables connect and you should be able to see signs of heat. Also make sure all four cables are tight on the switch. All the parts are available to rebuild the switch. Or you buy a new one. I'd recommend heavy duty buss bars in the switch.
thanks, the one cable that got hot did look a little different. i am going to pick up new cable today and try it, i hope that works, if not i bet it is fnr switch. i chked all connections yesterday and tightened really good, all looked good. i am looking at upgrading everything on this cart, it may be time for an overhaul.