92 Ezgo Resistor Conversion gone bad?..... HELP!?!


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Hey guys, I've been doing a 92 resistor cart conversion to a controller. To start with I completely gutted the cart so I could rebuild the batter box and make room for my new components! After making my new box, I undercoated the entire frame and started fabricating brackets and stuff. Here is the list of components used. New: D&D high torque motor purchased from EMP as a modified motor, New 1204 Curtus controller purchased from Controller Test Services and upgraded to a 550amp, new curtus p-6 pot switch, new high amp selonoid, new heavy duty forward reverse switch, as well as a speed/torque switch from EMP. So I wired the cart with 2/0 welding cable, through all these different diagrams and things, I'm still not sure if it's wired right but it runs. I've contacted Chuck at EMP but he's never done a full conversion like this. Does anyone have a full diagram for a conversion like this? I've talked to several people and they say I have it wired correctly but when I pull a hill, this torque motor slows down and has a HUGE amp draw. On a hill, start draw is 320-350 and run draw is around 140. Can anyone help?!?! I'm not positive I have my controller/ and or F/R and or motor wired right!