92 crankcase ventilation?


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Does this hose .....


....go to here?


One of these looks like a bowl overflow, where does the other one go?


Jimmy B.


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yes, the pcv hose is just like you have it only ezgo has a pre-formed hose for that.
the overflows off the carb go no-where, they just hang down


Overworked, underpaid :o) R.I.P.
That's what I thought.
On the PVC, it's plugged at the air box and hose runs down to open vent.

Engine runs great but smokes like a chimney.....

I didn't realize the carb had 2 bowl vents.

Thanks for the help,
Jimmy B.


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People will do things like that with the pcv in an attempt to keep oil out of the air box. this is a much bigger problem with lifted carts when they run with to much oil. The pcv/hose when working right will have a scavenging effect in the crankcase and help seal the rings when the engine is running. I don't know if it will solve your problem but you have to have a bunch of oil built up in the muffler by now so it will take some time to burn that off.
I don't have a clue why the have 2 vents on the carb, makes as much sense as having a adjustment for the idle mixture


Oh No, Mr. Jimmy I see where the problem is.

Your airbox cover has lost the spring clamps. That Zip tie won't work well, because the most critical area for sealing is at the corners. Open your airbox, and check for oil on the carb intake side.

I'll ask about the vents... It was explained to me as to why there are two, but I can't remember now.

Also... because of the recall... we have a crap load of used air box covers... if you want one... Let me know.