92 club car

street rod

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my cart has resister bank type v glide dont know much about this time speed control motor, controller, sol. all appear to be working but cart well not move hope someone has seen this problem and can help me get this cart going . i have 36 volts to and from controller 36 at the motor but motor well not run when peddle is pressed thanks for ur help kevin.


If your getting 36 volts to the motor and the cart isn't moving I'd test the motor to start with. Here's some instructions on how to test a series motor in the cart...

Series Motor Test:

Disconnect the main positive and negative cables from the battery pack. Jack up the the rear of the golf cart and place on jack stands. Remove all wires from the motor. Put a jumper wire from an "A" terminal to an "S" terminal. Hook a 12 volt battery or 12 volt battery charger with 15+ amp range to the other "A" and "S" terminals that aren't jumped with the jumper. The motor should spin if it's good...

After you test the motor let us know what happens and we'll go from there...

street rod

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Thanks hot but i found i had a bad controller did a diode check on the controller and got a reading both ways had another old contorller tryed it and the cart run but only has high speed maybe be the wrong controller i did check the motor first by bypassing the controller and it ran so that laed me to the controller but thanks for ur help maybe i can be of some help to some one else some time