92 Club Car No Spark When Engine Hot


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I have a 92 Club Car golf cart. I had a problem where the cart would get good spark, start and run very good for about 7 to 8 minutes (until it got hot) then starts to miss fire and in just a few seconds quits completely.
Then I had no spark when the engine is hot. When the engine was cold I checked spark and it was good.
The engine started & ran good until hot. Checked spark again and had none. I sprayed the ignitor with carb cleaner to cool it. Then I had spark and engine started and ran until hot, then quit.

I changed the ignitor and the golf cart had good spark, started and ran fine for ten minutes or so. No sign of previous problem. I let it sit while I changed the rear shocks (1 hr) Then when I tried starting engine would not fire at all. I pulled the spark plug and have good spark with plug out of engine. Changed spark plug and still
have the problem. After running starter for a couple of minutes I pulled the plug and it is wet. Getting gas but not firing in cylinder but fires out of cylinder. Help!


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When mine was getting spark but wouldnt fire and the plug was wet it turned out to be rings.
I would test for compression.


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Problem Resolved.
It seems I had a compatibility issue with my new ignition coil and new ignitor.

I started to put my original coil back in with the new ignitor, (I had previously changed both)
and everything is working OK now. So much for trusting new parts.

I had suffieicent spark to fire plug out of cylinder but not enough to fire under compression.