'91 no spark!


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I recently bought a cart for my dear old dad to save his knees. It has never ran just great but it worked (until last week that is). He went to check the mail and it just died. I pulled it back to his shop and figured it was a stuck needle valve. I hit the starter and it purred but wouldn't rev up. I cleaned the carb (looked good, butterfly worn). Put in a new ngk plug (it had the wrong champion plug). Hit the starter but it was just like before. (stupid me...i didn't think about the starter/gen working). I checked the plug but am getting no spark. I looked for any loose wires but don't seem to find any. Parts are too expensive to just replace them randomly. Where do I start??????


Check the plug in connections on the wires to the coil and ignitor. I have never been able to find a test for the ignitor.


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I have an 89 that i'm working on , had same problem , first check engine ground . then ALL PLUGGED in wires , there are several of them , if still no spark loosen then retighten all wires under screws . after all this if you still have no spark it's probably an equipment problem , exciter , regulator , coil,, try to find someone local with same or similar cart that is running and swap some of these parts 1 at a time until yours works or theirs quits , I'm lucky enough to have 3 close enough to test on each other .